What makes our approach different and meaningful for practitioners

Our participants tell us that they value these key features of our coaching and leadership interventions:

Practical Focus

Emphasis on addressing the challenges that practitioners face and what they can do to improve their practice and support behaviour change

Active Learning

Incorporating a range of inputs and activities, e.g. theory, discussions, reflection, group learning and skills practice

Experiential Process

Through a process of having an experience, observation and reflection, the formation of new ideas and testing in new situations

Personally Meaningful

Skills practice about personal experiences drives an appreciation of the usefulness of the techniques and approach

Holistic Approach

Engaging the head (cognitive knowledge), heart (emotional), and hands (practical skills)

Application to Workplace

Opportunities to think about and plan how to close the knowing, doing and being gaps in applying learning to practitioner roles and adopt a mindset to embed the approach

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