Coaching for Clinical Supervisors

TPC has a long history in the provision of supervision services for coaches, and the development of coaching supervisors. We are pleased to also offer our skills and insights for the development of clinical supervisors.

The work of clinical supervisors can be greatly enhanced through the integration of a coaching approach into their work. Further, with more staff in their systems trained in a coaching approach, it is highly advantageous for clinical supervisors to understand the theory, techniques and mindset associated with a coaching approach.

Our programmes are designed to:

  • Support clinical supervisors to learn how to use coaching skills in their work
  • Introduce clinical supervisors to coaching and health coaching approaches
  • Provide an understanding of the tools and techniques that professionals trained in coaching and health coaching will have received
  • Develop a shared understanding of the challenges for professionals to incorporate coaching approaches in their professional practice, and understand this in relation to the sometimes challenging service and organisational contexts
  • Encourage an appreciation of the tensions between professional centred and person centred care and the importance of surfacing and navigating these to enable respectful relationships