What do you think was most useful during this workshop?"

“Being able to have time to understand the models and practical opportunities to try them”

“Being away from a clinical environment – Working in groups and sharing experience”

“Group work really made you use the new skills and gave me encouragement in the use techniques”

“Learning how to implement various models of coaching and to develop and practice these new skills in a controlled environment”

- Programme Participants

We have delivered hundreds of accredited and applied skills programmes with people managers across the NHS and private health sectors. In response to the current changes in the structure and organisation of the health system, we have developed specific coaching skills development programmes for clinicians. With clinicians being increasingly required to lead and manage teams of clinical colleagues and to supervise junior staff, coaching and mentoring skills are becoming increasingly relevant. Our Coaching for Clinicians programmes are aimed specifically at clinical managers and people in clinical leadership roles in relation to enhancing the effectiveness of the work with colleagues from medical, nursing and allied health backgrounds.

Develop Coaching & Mentoring Skills

During workshops participants are introduced to the key skills of coaching and mentoring – and how these apply and can be used effectively in a clinical working environment. Our programmes focus on the small changes that people can make in order to introduce a coaching approach with individuals and teams, and how they can integrate a coaching approach into their existing management style. Our programmes include a variety of learning opportunities including understanding coaching and mentoring models, evidenced-based approaches, skills development, skills practice, case-studies and the application of coaching for clinical leadership. Clinical managers have found enormous benefits in adopting a coaching approach. Key learnings include understanding and utilising a range of styles and approaches in the management of individuals and teams, and learning new models for conversations that encourage greater awareness and responsibility among peers and junior colleagues.