Clinical Leadership

The key leadership challenge that all health care organisations face is how they will develop an organisational culture that produces a financially stable and clinically safe service, that attracts and retains a motivated and innovative workforce to deliver high quality and compassionate patient care.

Creating the right sort of clinical leadership in an organisation is key to addressing this challenge. Most clinicians are promoted into leadership roles of their clinical seniority and abilities, and many have not had the opportunity to develop their leadership capabilities despite being required to lead, engage and manage others. Further, our experience is that many health organisations are not clear what clinical leadership means for them in practice.

Our clinical leadership programmes aim to support more clinicians to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset they need to move from expert clinician to clinical leader. We work with organisations to design bespoke programmes that develop clinical leaders who are both effective and inspiring, who can lead confidently, and who can transform systems while remaining authentic and true to their values.

We create the opportunity for clinicians to:

  • Step away from their clinical environments to think about what they do, how they do it and discover how they could do it more effectively
  • Consider how they can make the identity shift from being a successful individual professional to becoming a clinical leader of others
  • Explore how they can lead and influence clinical activities to improve the delivery of safe clinical care within the context of compassionate person-centred care
  • Grow new skills and behaviours to enhance their leadership capability

Anyone who has undertaken the transition from individual clinician to leader of other clinicians and clinical services will know the extraordinary demands on physical and emotional resilience, and how hard it is to mobilise change across care pathways that are consistently challenged to produce more with less.

Our clinical leadership framework encompasses:

Personal leadership

Developing clinical leaders who lead themselves effectively and maintain their inner stability under stress and pressure

Relational leadership

Developing clinical leaders who lead and inspire others effectively, engage them, provide direction, and develop their performance to deliver results

Team leadership

Developing clinical leaders that generate outstanding team performance, creating effective processes, decision making, cooperation, and innovation

Organizational & Systems leadership

Developing clinical leaders that can influence beyond their immediate teams to cascade the organisational vision, contribute to creating systemic shifts, and enable cultural transformation that produces lasting value

In addition to our vast experience in the health sector, we also have extensive experience across the private sector, providing leadership development programmes from some of the world’s best known and most successful companies. We bring all of our private sector experience to our work in clinical leadership.

What we can offer

Workshops and short courses

Supporting clinicians to develop leadership skills through short courses about topics that are meaningful for them, for example: personal and team resilience; managing performance of peers and colleagues; clinical team facilitation; influencing without authority; change and transition.

Leadership development programmes

Providing bespoke leadership development programmes to enhance the clinical leadership capability within a professional group, department, or across a banded leadership level within an organisation. These programmes typically use our development framework of personal, relational, team, organisational and system leadership to support clinical leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset required to transform their leadership capability and deliver organisational objectives.

Organisation wide interventions

Working strategically with organisations to develop leadership interventions that can contribute to changing the organisational culture. Organisation wide programmes involve undertaking a variety of interventions across different levels and parts of an organisation in order to create a shift in how an organisation operates and achieves its corporate goals. It may for example involve undertaking a programme of board development with the top team; introducing team development and team coaching interventions with teams identified as strategically important; providing executive coaching to senior leaders that hold responsibility for delivering on key strategies; developing leadership programmes for the top 100 - 300 leaders in an organisation; providing development centres or talent development programmes for the next generation of leaders; or undertaking large scale skills development programmes where they are required.

System wide interventions

Developing clinical leadership capability across a system through development programmes that bring together talented and high potential individuals for system-wide initiatives. Typically these programmes involve the selection of key individuals who can align around systemic leadership needs to provide for future requirements and drive lasting change across a system.

Building internal training capability

For organisations that want to disseminate a clinical leadership programme or topic to a significant proportion of their workforce, we offer an on-site train-the-trainer approach to develop internal trainers who can roll out a training programme across an organisation. Our train-the-trainer approach equips your personnel with the skills and materials they need to develop internal capability and deliver flexible, cost-effective clinical leadership training courses within your organisation.

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