Leadership in Healthcare

Whatever your goals, TPC Health commits to:

  • Challenge you to take leadership capability to the next level
  • Listen deeply in order to truly understand your business strategy and operations
  • Believe in ‘people potential’ as the basis of performance shifts
  • Work closely with your organisation to leverage its strengths
  • Tailor effective solutions that are in line with the DNA of your organisation
  • Focus on building an internal resource to make all changes sustainable
  • Work globally with you to meet the leadership development needs across your organisation

Our approach is to challenge organisations to ask the important questions about what they need their leaders to know, do and be. We then ask the leaders themselves what they stand for and discover how they lead themselves. We then empower them to inspire, lead confidently, and transform systems whilst remaining true to themselves.

We enable organisations to create strong alignment between business strategy and leadership culture and performance. Our leadership interventions provide the specific skills and mindset that moves leaders to greater success and creates lasting value for their organisations.

These are delivered through a variety of methodologies designed specifically for your goals:

Enabling awareness

To enable leaders to see themselves and their impact more clearly, we use many tools, including individual diagnostics (such as personality assessment tools and emotional intelligence inventories) and intra-personal tools (such as 360° feedback).

Experiential learning

We hold the belief that learning is only effective when it is integrated in a person’s practices and mindset. Rather than lecturing, our workshops encourage exploration and the learning of new skills in a truly practical way.

Working with leaders rather than on leaders

We facilitate discovery rather than telling leaders what to do. In the dedicated coaching sessions that accompany our workshops, you set the agenda. We provide the scientific knowledge and rigour to support you as you put your vision into action.

Integrated with practice

We provide solutions that integrate feedback and observation from leaders’ workplaces and ensure that all learnings are carried beyond our leadership programmes.

Nourish inspiration

Staying inspired is the key to lasting change. That is why we provide access to a wealth of articles, podcasts and videos over the course of our development programmes

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