Clinical Team Coaching

What is team coaching?

Since it is often teams, not individuals, who are tasked with achieving organisational goals, it is vital that they work as efficiently as possible. However the reality of modern teamwork is that people are rarely in the same place at the same time, and meetings (which are often sporadic) have to be conducted across several timezones. Despite this being the norm, it rarely leads to optimum results. Our team coaching is a powerful tool that brings individuals together to develop their skills, awareness and efficiency in a ‘virtual’ working environment, leading to a more focused overall performance.

What do we offer?

We don’t believe in providing ‘our solutions to your challenges’. Instead we encourage each team member to take responsibility for the group’s combined objectives, giving them the tools to work together and find their own solutions.

Whilst our team coaching programmes are bespoke, each is broadly structured around the following five steps:

  • Establishing the team’s objectives with the leader
  • One-to-one sessions with each team member to establish personal objectives
  • A ‘launch event’ where the team establishes its own development agenda
  • A series of workshops over 6-12 months to establish and embed new working practices
  • Review progress and ensure sustainable development

(Additional one-to-one sessions can be offered to team leaders as well as individual team members in order to support their development.) We have a wide variety of programmes to choose from (below), but if you have more specific requirements that are not covered here, we would be happy to tailor a programme to your needs.

Team Facilitation

The use of structures and processes that support the team to reach previously agreed objectives and outcomes

Team Building

Developing the ability of the team to build better working relationships with each other and the task - such that they can work effectively together and create an environment of safety and trust that supports open communication, dialogue, commitment, energy – and even enjoyment.

Team Training

Providing concepts, inputs and stimuli which increases the capabilities of the team in both their interactions and communication with each other and their effectiveness and efficiency in completing the task.

Team Learning

Growing the Individual and Collective capacity of the Team to sustain their learning and self evaluate, building innovation and flexibility in their working style and flexibility in their approach.

Team Coaching

Supporting and challenging a team over time to use complementarity strengths and skills to stretch for and to achieve compelling objectives, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable, in service of the organisation, its stakeholders and the wider system.

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