Clinical Team Development

Team objectives

Helping a team to develop clarity about their role and realising what they can achieve together, rather than apart. This leads to:

  • Understanding of what is expected from the team
  • Clarity of the team’s purpose and principles
  • Agreement of objectives and performance measures

Team strategy

Enabling a team to develop practical action plans that will lead them to their goal. This helps to facilitate:

  • A review of the team’s structure, role and purpose
  • Creation of a success model and measures of that success
  • Clarifying team policies, processes and agreed ways of working
  • Improved communication and more efficient meetings

Team relationships & dynamics

Enabling individuals to understand what is required of them to work effectively as part of a team. Benefits include:

  • Recognition and use of each team member’s talents and skills
  • Improved inter-team connections
  • Greater emotional intelligence
  • Improved trust, understanding and conflict resolution
  • Sustained motivation and confidence

Roles & responsibilities

Defining what is required of individual team members and the team itself. This leads to:

  • Clarity of individual roles and accountabilities
  • An understanding of spoken and unspoken expectations
  • Creation of effective decision-making processes within the team
  • Improved communication strategies for areas of shared responsibility

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