Health Coaching – Online

Learn the skills required in Health Coaching through an online learning environment

Our health coaching skills programmes can be delivered in their entirety in an online learning environment.


  • Virtual sessions delivered in a live environment (2 – 2.5 hours each)
  • Includes breakout rooms for discussions, virtual skills development and practice
  • Interactive platform and experiential facilitation processes
  • Supported by pre-recorded materials, articles, reflection tools, evidence etc
  • Supported by an active learning environment that is proven to lead to long term knowledge retention and skill development using the Action, Feedback, Trigger (AFT) learning model

Who is this programme for?

Our Health Coaching programmes are designed to support practitioners from all health, care, community and voluntary sectors to learn how to use health coaching effectively.

What do participants learn?

The focus of the programmes is on supporting practitioners to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to integrate health coaching into their current roles to support personalised care. Our programmes provide practitioners with the opportunity to develop a broad understanding of the principles of health coaching and behaviour change, while providing a practical set of tools that they can apply immediately in their work.

Information Resource

Our Health Coaching model

The effective provision of health coaching requires practitioners to integrate three areas

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Our track record and expertise

A TPC Health Coaching training will give you access to the most experienced providers of Health Coaching training in the UK 

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Our application of Health Coaching

Health coaching is an umbrella term used to describe many different interventions

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Our partnership with Better Conversation

We are proud to be the industry partners for Better Conversation.  The movement has been led by our colleague Dr. Penny Newman.

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