Social Prescribing Link Worker Training

Programmes specifically developed to support Social Prescribing Link Workers

Social prescribing seeks to support people’s needs in a holistic way with an aim of improving the health and wellbeing of the local community, without the need for medical intervention. Social Prescribing Link Worker's take referrals from GP’s within the Primary Care Network and use their skills to work with individuals to create personalised care plans to connect them with their local community.  

These roles are about working with individuals to build a trusting partnership and uncover the issues that are impacting their lives, identify what matters to them, and then create the connections needed to support them to engage with their health and wellbeing goals. 

The role of a social prescriber is to have high quality conversations with people to find out what's important to them. Having health coaching skills enables social prescribers to hold conversations that engage people, so that not only do they talk about what's important to them, they increase their sense of resourcefulness and are motivated to change their behaviour

Our Programmes for Social Prescribing Link Workers

Our programmes will enable people in social prescribing roles to use a health coaching approach to support community based self-management and utilisation of community assets. They are designed to provide Social Prescribers with the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to integrate health coaching into their current roles to support personalised care.  

With its origins in a strengths based approach, health coaching fits with the holistic approach of social prescribing. It recognises that an individual's health is determined by a range of social, economic, environmental and biological factors, the wider determinants of health and wellbeing. Skills in health coaching enable practitioners to have conversations with people that support them to take greater control of their own health and wellbeing. 

We offer both a 2 day Core Skills Health Coaching Programme or a 4 Day EMCC Accredited Skills Health Coaching Programme, that are both suitable for Social Prescribing Link Workers. 

The programmes are accredited by the Personalised Care Institute and meet the standards and requirements described in the NHS England and NHS Improvement Health Coaching Implementation and Quality Summary Guide.  Our four day programmes is also accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

We provide training for individuals through our health coaching academy; these programmes are open to anyone working in the health and care sector who uses health coaching as part of their role. We provide training for organisations who have a team of people that require training, and we can tailor these programmes to a client’s specific needs. 

Our Health Coaching Programmes

Core Skills in
Health Coaching

Our two day programme supports social prescribing link workers to use a health coaching approach to encourage self-management and the utilisation of community resources. This programme is available for individuals or organisations where multiple people require training.

Accredited Skills in
Health Coaching

Our four day programme supports social prescribing link workers to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to integrate health coaching into their roles to support personalised care. This programme is available for individuals or organisations where multiple people require training

TPC Health Experience

Our programmes are delivered by practicing health coaches with a clinical background who have an unrivalled understanding of how to develop people to use health coaching and become self-sustaining.  

TPC Health have led the development of health coaching in the UK. We've trained over 8000 health and care practitioners in health coaching skills, have supported local sustainability through our train the trainer programmes, and are regular contributors towards health coaching development, policy and guidelines

TPC Health understand the complexities of working within the NHS and are experts in tailoring coaching programmes to support the needs of health care professionals. 

What our participants say

“Having attended the two day Health Coaching Training, I can honestly say it made a huge impact on how I deliver my appointments. Health Coaching has enabled me to feel more confident within my role, as well as providing me with the tools I needed in order to help participants take ownership of their own journeys. It is key to identifying different talking models and techniques to ‘frame’ conversations in order for the participant to make their own choices and come up with their own ideas & decisions." 

Link Worker, NHS

"I believe it was the one training course that has made the most difference to my role, I believe I gained more from this training than ever expected and think Health Coaching (training and knowledge) is key to working in Social Prescribing. I would highly recommend Health Coaching to any professional working within Social Prescribing as it allows the appointments to have a main goal/focus and maintain a person centred approach."

Link Worker, NHS

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