Our track record and expertise

Our experience:

  • We have led the development of health coaching since 2008
  • We have consistently innovated new applications of health coaching
  • Over 7,000 practitioners have completed our 2 day core skills programmes
  • We have supported local health coaching sustainability by developing 80+ local trainers
  • We are consistent contributors to national policy and guidelines, most recently authoring the NHS England Health Coaching Implementation and Quality: Summary Guide

Independent evaluation of our interventions demonstrate:

  • 96% of clinicians report good application to their work
  • Two thirds of clinicians continue to use the skills after 2 years
  • Local trainers continue to train after 5 years
  • Reductions in service use and admissions
  • Increases in Patient Activation (PAM scores)
  • Increases in self-management behaviours
  • Verifiable savings (e.g., £3.6 million per annum achieved from acute rehabilitation team training)

A TPC Health Coaching training will give you access to:

  • The most experienced providers of Health Coaching training in the UK 
  • Learning and evidence on developing health coaching interventions in a wide variety of settings with a wide range of clinicians and practitioners
  • Trainers with an unrivalled understanding of how to develop people to use health coaching and become self-sustaining
  • Access to the thought leaders who were involved in the development of health coaching since its inception in the UK health, care and voluntary sectors
  • Health coaching experts who have led the development of national standards and policies in health coaching
  • A delivery team who all have a deep understanding of the complexity of clinical and care settings, and the changing landscape of the health and care, and who provide additional insight through having direct experience of service delivery in health and care settings
  • Trainers who have a deep understanding of the psychological and practical challenges associated with working with people to enhance person centred care and enable behavioural change
  • An organisation that has been working in the health and care sector for over 20 years and has a broad experience of delivering leadership coaching interventions and cultural change programmes in the private, public and charity sectors

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