Surgical Waiting Lists - Elective Care Webinar

Ensuring everyone waiting has made an informed decision

Helping Patients Make Truly Informed Decisions To Proceed With Surgery

TPC Health want to transform patient pathways and one important area is to help spread good practice in informed decision making and consent.

Less than 7 in 10 people have made a truly informed decision to proceed to surgical intervention inĀ this country. This is despite shared decision making and consent being a legal, professional andĀ ethical standard for all practitioners.

High quality decision making and consent practice leads to:

  • Less people progressing to surgical intervention
  • More satisfied patients and less post-surgical regret
  • Lower litigation costs for your organisation

TPC Health are working in conjunction with Professor Alf Collins to help you build high quality decision making and consent practice into your organisation.

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Professor Alf Collins led on shared decision making in NHS England from 2016-2023. He has a background in implementation science and embedding change into health systems at scale.

Professor Alf Collins is lead author on the implementation of shared decision making in the upcoming Oxford Textbook of SDM (due for publication in 2025).

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