Enhancing resilience through developing self-awareness

The use of coaching and mentoring skills in everyday working life can improve the effectiveness of leaders, motivate and engage staff, and change the dynamic between people using services and service providers

Developing coaching and mentoring skills at every level of an organisation is one of the widely accepted evidence based methods for creating positive working cultures where people are engaged and thriving.

Our programmes can be applied to both the clinical and non-clinical workforce, with bespoke content developed and delivered by clinically trained staff where appropriate. 

A skilled coach or mentor is a valuable asset to any organisation. We have extensive experience in working with health, care and voluntary sector organisations to develop coaches and mentors that can make outstanding contributions in their respective fields of activity, through interventions designed to (for example): 

  • Support leadership development
  • Develop high potential individuals
  • Support engagement with the community
  • Encourage innovation
  • Support efficiencies and savings
  • Improve safety
  • Develop a more inclusive culture
  • Enhance engagement and satisfaction
  • Improve staff retention
  • Support quality improvement

Through our former organisation The Performance Coach, TPC Health has been at the forefront of coaching since its inception in the health and care system over 20 years ago.  We have lead many coaching innovations and are responsible for many of the system “firsts” including: the first MSc in coaching, the first accredited coaching and team coaching training programmes in the NHS, and the development of health coaching.   

We love being at the leading edge of new thinking and innovations in coaching and mentoring, and would welcome any requests for conversations about how we might be able to support you to address your local challenges. 

Foundation Coaching Skills

Providing the core knowledge, skills and competencies that can be applied in a coaching relationship.

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Practitioner Coaching Skills

Providing practitioner level skills that enable coaches to work as internal coaches or independently.

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Team Coaching Skills

Providing coaches and team leaders with the skills, models and techniques needed to coach their teams effectively.

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Coaching for Social Care

Supporting social care professionals to use coaching as an asset based approach in their environment.

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Coaching for Clinicians

Supporting clinicians and clinical managers to integrate a coaching approach into their leadership style.

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Coaching for Clinical Supervisors

Supporting clinical supervisors to use a coaching approach to enhance their effectiveness.

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Mentoring Programmes

Supporting organisations to leverage the power of mentoring through a range of programmes.

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Find out more about TPC Health

Find out more about individual coach and mentor training with TPC Health. We’d be happy to advise on the right training route for you.