Executive Coaching for Health & Social Care

Executive coaching for senior leaders and senior practitioners in the health and care sectors

Through our former organisation The Performance Coach, TPC Health has been at the forefront of coaching since its inception in the health and care system over 20 years ago.

We provide individual 1:1 executive coaching for senior leaders and senior clinicians in the health and care sectors.

How do we use coaching?

We use coaching to support people to enhance their leadership skills and be personally resilient so they can more fully engage in their roles to improve health and care services and deliver greater value to the people and communities they serve.

We can deliver 1:1 coaching specifically to individuals, and we can also provide large scale programmes of coaching for any number of leaders within specific health and care organisations and across systems.

Our Coaches

Our coaches are all highly experienced executive coaches, with professional certifications who operate to the highest professional standards.

They are:

  • Selected through a rigorous process of evaluation and values matching
  • Experienced in health and care settings, all having at least 10 years experience in the sector, many having been or still are practitioners and clinicians themselves.
  • Experienced in leadership roles, all having held level leadership roles in health and care settings

They understand the pressures and challenges that health and care leaders face on a daily basis; and will bring an empathic yet supportively challenging approach to the coaching process.

Topics for Coaching

Health and care leaders tend to bring the following kinds of topics to work on in a programme of executive coaching:

  • A leadership development goal
  • Addressing specific service challenges
  • Managing workload and multiple responsibilities
  • Managing stress and sustaining resilience
  • A personal issue that is having an impact
  • Challenges to personal values in the context of system demands
  • Maintaining contact with a sense of meaning and purpose
  • Relational challenges and conflicts
  • Career choices

What a typical coaching intervention includes

While every client’s coaching needs are different, and programmes of coaching are always made bespoke to meet individual needs, a typical executive coaching intervention tends to include:

  • A matching process to find the right coach for you
  • Contracting around what you want from coaching and how you will work with your coach
  • 3-way contracting with line managers where appropriate to ensure organisational benefit
  • Up to 6 action focussed sessions (more sessions available if appropriate)
  • Sessions are typically 2.0 hours in length and take place in person or online.
  • Sessions are scheduled 4-6 weekly, allowing time for clients to integrate and apply what has been discussed
  • An evaluation process to assess the value of the coaching and its individual and organisational benefit

Find out more about TPC Health

We recognise that every organisation, team and individual is unique. Talk to us to find out more about how we can support you through executive coaching.