Health & Social Care Team Development

Team development programmes designed specifically for the health and social care sector

There is a pressing need for teams in the health and care system to become more effective and time efficient if they are to maximise their potential and that of their organisations.

With teams rather than just individuals delivering most organisational goals, high-quality Team Development can have a striking and immediate impact on organisational performance.

The development of health and care team leaders who are equipped to use effective team development and team coaching approaches, provides a mechanism by which teams can succeed in delivering on organisational commitments.  Key shifts include: 

  • Prioritising and making more effective decisions
  • Working more collaboratively and systemically
  • Including and integrating the diverse opinions, skills and specialised knowledge of the teams’ individual members.

Our experience is that the development of such skills, initially by the leader and increasingly then by the wider team, can have a transformative effect, modelling key skills, qualities and organisational behaviours that are required, particularly at a time of change and transition and the corresponding challenges and opportunities that this can entail.

Our programmes are designed specifically for teams working in health and care settings, and we tailor all programmes to the specific needs of your team and organisational setting.

Health and Care Team Development

Working with teams to help them develop clarity about their strategy, objectives, relationships and dynamics, roles and responsibilities

Clinical Team Leadership

Working specifically with leaders of clinical teams to facilitate greater trust, mutual accountability and effective working relationships

Team Coaching

Bespoke programmes run over 6-12 months, where each team member is encouraged to take responsibility for the group’s combined objectives, and the team is given the tools to work together and find their own solutions

Team Coach Training

This course teaches others the skills of being a team coach so they can adopt it formally as part of their role, or informally as part of their day to day leadership activities

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