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5 Tips for Embedding Health Coaching in to your team

Five steps to embed health coaching in your team

By Matt Simpson | June 23, 2022

Health coaching has many proven benefits. But just how do you keep it fresh and relevant to your team? Matt Simpson, TPC Health’s Lead Consultant, has some suggestions. Five steps …

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Post Traumatic Growth

Post Traumatic Growth: putting the theory into practice 

By Andrew McDowell | May 16, 2022

Post Traumatic Growth Just how can the theory of Post Traumatic Growth be put into practice? What are the processes that make it work?  And what lessons does it have …

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Turning trauma into transformation

Turning trauma into transformation

By Andrew McDowell | March 14, 2022

Turning trauma into transformation No matter what we go through, no matter how bad things may seem, it is possible to deal with traumatic events and emerge from them – provided …

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Toxic Positivity - Why we need to take care that positive vibes don’t turn toxic

Toxic Positivity – Why we need to take care that positive vibes don’t turn toxic 

By Andrew McDowell | February 7, 2022

Being positive and cheerful is all very well. But a relentless obsession with positivity can be highly dangerous, says Dr Andrew McDowell . Toxic Positivity – Why we need to …

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Being Proactive About Wellbeing - Reflection and Intention Setting

Being Proactive About Wellbeing – Reflection and Intention Setting 2022

By Andrew McDowell | January 11, 2022

Everyone working in the health and social care sector has had another incredibly challenging year and “wellbeing” has been a very important part of our collective dialogue. With the continuing …

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Snow covered pine trees on sunset

Reflecting and Intention Setting

By Andrew McDowell | December 30, 2020

As we come towards the end of 2020, we can pause to reflect on what has certainly been a year to be remembered and think about our intentions and hopes …

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Social Prescribing

8 reasons why health coaching skills are an integral part of a link worker’s toolkit

By Andrew McDowell | October 5, 2020

Health coaching skills are integral part of the tool kit for Link Workers and other’s working in social prescribing roles. Effectively, being a Link Worker involves doing what is suggested …

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TPC Health our values

How are you listening?

By Andrew McDowell | June 1, 2020

“Listening of this calibre ignites the human mind. The quality of your attention determines the quality of the other people’s thinking.” – Nancy Kline To be truly listened to is …

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resilience through self awareness

Enhancing resilience through developing self-awareness

By Andrew McDowell | June 1, 2020

Having resilience effectively means that we have learned ways to deal positively with the gap between the demands of situations and our sense of the resources we have to cope.  …

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Health coaching training programmes

Enabling Personalised Care

By Andrew McDowell | June 1, 2020

Enabling personalised care: the art of health coaching Extracts from the Future Hospital Partners Network piece to introduce the article Health changing conversations: clinicians’ experience of health coaching in the …

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