Co-productive Leadership

Engaging service users and wider communities as partners in the delivery of health and social care services

Co-productive leadership programmes in the Health & Social Care sector

There is a growing appreciation of the fact that health and social care services have the potential to be even more effective when they truly involve members of the community as valued partners.

The approach of co-producing recognises the value of engaging service users and the wider community as active partners in the design and delivery of services.

Empowering communities through co-productive leadership

We have specific expertise in the design and delivery of leadership programmes for community members and professionals from the health and care system. Our programmes develop co-productive leadership skills so professionals can learn to work positively and effectively together to make a sustainable difference to the local healthcare system.

At the heart of our approach is the desire to support both practitioners and leaders from the community to develop the skills and attitudes that support collaboration and partnership working.

To achieve this, our Co-productive Leadership programmes create opportunities for practitioners and people who use services to:

  • Connect together and understand each other’s point of view more deeply
  • Engage in real and meaningful learning together to develop co-productive leadership skills and an inclusive mindset
  • Understand the needs and assets in their communities and discover how to encourage local momentum for change
  • Develop reflective skills to go beyond personal stories and interests, thereby building the strategic leadership capability to impact the system
  • Take theory into action through project based approaches that require them to lead together

Our programmes are highly experiential and practical, and are delivered across an extended time period in order to enable people to develop relationships, learn from each other and work together to lead and influence health and social care in their local area.

Our work

An example of our work in this area is the Leading Together Programme that we developed with the Oxford Academic Health Science Network.

Read more about our project on the NHS England Blog.

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