Health Coaching Supervision Skills Development

TPC Health is highly experienced in the delivery of supervision to health coaches; and as a provider of coach training for over 20 years, we also have a long history of training coach supervisors.

Organisations that are offering health coaching services have an obligation to provide effective and supportive health coaching supervision from a more senior and experienced member of staff who is also equipped with health coaching skills. They must support health coaches in their development and learning so that they deliver high quality services.

Who is this programme for?

Our Health Coaching Supervisor Skills Development Programme is designed for individuals who are experienced health coaches that want to learn to be health coaching supervisors, and organisations that want to develop internal supervisors for staff that undertake health coaching, or for a dedicated health coaching service. It is suitable for practitioners from all health, care, community and voluntary sectors.

What do participants learn?

The focus of the programme is on supporting practitioners to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to become supervisors of other health coaches.

The programme will cover:

  • The psychological basis and effective use of health coaching supervision
  • Understanding how to achieve the formative, normative and restorative elements of coaching supervision
  • A variety of coaching supervision models and frameworks
  • Skills to support supervisees to step more fully into their role as a health coach, to create more insight, and to utilise challenge effectively
  • Skills development and practice to deliver coaching supervision competently and confidently
  • Skills and processes to deliver health coaching supervision in a variety of formats: 1:1, group, telephone, online
  • Knowledge and skills to use a variety of coaching supervision styles: directive, non-directive, creative techniques
  • Knowledge and skills to support action plan and accountability for translating insights into action
  • Development of “supervisor identity” through ongoing reflexive practice and the development of authority, presence and impact in the delivery of health coaching supervision

What will the programme experience include?

The programme is generally structured as a 4 separate day-long workshops, and a series of half day follow up sessions, delivered over a period of 3-6 months to allow participants to practice their developing skills. Prior to the workshop participants are onboarded through an online session and reflective briefing pack.

This is a highly interactive programme with an emphasis on skill practice and development. The programme will be delivered using a highly participative and experiential learning process supported by expert input. We will create many opportunities to practice skills and challenge participants to identify how they can apply their learning to their own work place settings. Further, the programme will provide an opportunity for participants to discuss applications of health coaching in your system, develop relationships and network together with the intention of creating a community of practice.

We emphasise skills for embedding health coaching supervision through on-going practice, reflection and planning as reflexive practitioners. We follow-up these programmes with webinars and ongoing supervision opportunities to support participants in the application of their learning after the programme.

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