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TPC Health is at the forefront of driving the development of coaching and leadership innovations in the health and social care sector. We support organisations to improve their coaching, leadership and organisational capabilities, so they can maintain their connection to the people and communities that they serve, and positively impact the health and wellbeing of the population.

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At TPC Health we're changing the way organisations, practitioners and individuals improve health and wellbeing through innovative solutions for the health and social care workforce. Click on "Our Services" to find out more.

Health Coaching

We're proud to lead the development of Health Coaching to support personalised, compassionate care that inspires individuals to self-manage and leverage community assets. We support both in-house and individual training programmes.

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Workforce Wellbeing

Our Workforce Wellbeing programmes are designed to support practitioners and the leaders of services and organisations to develop the knowledge, skills, mindsets and behaviours needed to thrive.

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Leadership in Health & Social Care

We work with organisations to design bespoke programmes to develop health and care leaders to be both effective and inspiring, lead confidently and transform systems while remaining authentic and true to their values.

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Coaching & Mentoring

Our clinically experienced coaches and mentors work with your workforce individually or in teams to support them through specific challenges. We also offer accredited training for organisations wishing to develop internal coaches.

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