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Leveraging 20 years in the health and social care sector, we offer evidence based, accredited health coaching training direct to individuals

With Health Coaching growing as a profession in the UK, and many people wishing to embark on a career in health coaching, we've decided to open our programmes to individuals who are seeking training and development.

Our programmes have been tried and tested with the nation’s leading public and private sector organisations, are well accredited, and have a strong evidence base.

Our training academy is designed for individuals who want to become “health coaches”, organisations that want to develop dedicated roles in health coaching, or a specialised health coaching services, where there are not enough people to warrant an organisational programme.  Typically, people applying for our programmes have already had some experience in health, care, community and voluntary sectors, or some kind of counselling experience.

If you are part of an organisational programme, or looking for a programme for your organisation, find out more here.

We offer three levels of “open programmes” in health coaching skills development. They are:

Core Skills in Health Coaching

Our core skills programme provides the knowledge, skills and techniques needed by practitioners to make a mindset shift in how they approach their consultations and integrate health coaching into their roles.

Accredited Skills in Health Coaching

Our EMCC foundation level programme is for individuals who want to either become a health and wellbeing coach or develop skills to use a health coaching approach in their role or consultation.

Practitioner Level Health Coaching

Our EMCC practitioner level programme is an extension of the foundation level programme and further develops health coaches, for a more in depth approach to health coaching.

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We recognise that every individual is unique. Talk to us to find out more and we'll advise you on the most suitable option for learning to be a health coach.

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