Leadership in Health and Social Care

Creating strong alignment between strategy and leadership culture and performance

We work with organisations to design bespoke programmes that develop health and care leaders who are both effective and inspiring, who can lead confidently and transform systems while remaining authentic and true to their values.

We enable organisations to create strong alignment between strategy and leadership culture and performance.

The key leadership challenge that all health and care organisations face is how they will develop an organisational culture that produces a financially stable and clinically safe service, while attracting and retaining a motivated and innovative workforce that delivers high quality and compassionate care. Creating the right sort of leadership in an organisation is key to addressing this challenge.

Our Leadership Programmes

Developing Leaders in Health and Social Care

Leadership programmes designed specifically for the Health and Social Care sector, across individuals, teams, organisations and systems

Empowering Communities in Health and Social Care

Supporting communities of patients, family members, carers, volunteers, charities and support groups to be a vital and contributing resource in health and social care

Consulting Services for Health and Social Care

Consultancy services that can transform systems and deliver improved health and wellbeing for people, communities and the workforce.

Information Resources

Approach to Leadership in Health & Social Care

Our approach is to partner with organisations and ask important questions about what they need their leaders to know, do and be

Executive Coaching Service for Leaders

We provide individual 1:1 executive coaching for senior leaders and senior clinicians in the health and social care sectors

Workshops and Short Courses

Programmes that are specifically designed to have a high level of impact and deliver individual, system and community benefit

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