Resilience Training Programme

Interventions designed to support individuals, teams and organisations to develop resilience and perform under pressure

Health and social care systems around the world are currently engaged in one of the biggest re-organisations in their history. There is no doubt that the changes present huge challenges for all involved, made even more complex by the fact that they are taking place in a climate that is demanding massive costs savings while improving quality and innovation.

Practitioners are increasingly being impacted by the challenges that these changes bring, across the areas of maintaining financial stability, undertaking strong commissioning, maintaining a motivated workforce and managing risk, safety and compliance while delivering a quality service to communities.

The many pressures of delivering care and the rate of organisational change in work environments creates enormous pressure for practitioners. Many practitioners are consistently being tested to their limits, and in some areas staff health and morale is severely impacted. For organisations this creates enormous challenges for staff engagement, absenteeism and retention.

At TPC Health we believe resilience is a dynamic quality, not a permanent capacity. Resilient individuals demonstrate dynamic self-renewal as they continually engage in coping strategies to deal with stressors, whereas less resilient individuals find themselves worn down and negatively impacted by stress. The good news is that research shows that resilience can be learned, and our programmes are designed to support people to thrive under pressure while enhancing wellbeing.

Our resilience programme supports practitioners to:

  • Develop an understanding of the science of stress 
  • Understand their own reactions and appraisal of stressors
  • Equip themselves to cope with stress in a positive manner
  • Learn skills to bounce back to normal after disruption
  • Develop pro-active cognitive, emotional and behavioural coping strategies
  • Structure their approach to stress so that it supports resilience
  • Develop adaptive qualities for managing future changes and events
  • Develop resilience enhancing routines and behaviours 
  • Maintain inner stability under pressure
  • Learn resilience enhancing techniques for working with others
  • Support and lead others towards resilience enhancement

Our approach is to partner with organisations to understand their local context and the specific needs of their workforce, so that programmes are individually co-produced and developed bespoke to ensure they are fit for purpose.

We have capability and experience in developing resilience programmes for:

  • Specific teams
  • Categories or levels of management
  • Leadership groups
  • Board level teams
  • Organisation wide events

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