Our Values

We established TPC Health to be a specialised organisation working in the health and care sector, with a specific focus on the use of coaching and leadership solutions to deliver health and wellbeing for individuals and systems. A significant driver in the development of our identity is that we wanted to develop the company around values that are specifically aligned to the health and social care sector and our overarching mission to “change the way organisations, practitioners and individuals improve health and wellbeing”.

  • Listening – listening deeply with kindness, seeking to understand what is present and what is emerging
  • Service – making a lasting difference through what we do, fostering a sense of hope and going the extra mile because we care
  • Partnership – partnering with our clients, our people, beneficiaries and the wider community with respect, equality and celebration of diversity
  • Quality – committing to doing and being our best, and challenging the status quo to innovate new ways to improve health and wellbeing
  • Vitality – bringing a positive outlook infused with the energies of appreciation, aliveness and creativity
  • Action – taking ownership of our responsibilities, planning and taking thoughtful action that creates a positive impact for health and care systems and the communities they serve

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We recognise that every organisation, team and individual is unique. Talk to us to find out more about how we can support you and we’ll be pleased to design a solution with you.