Developing Leaders in Health & Social Care

Enhancing leadership capability within an individual, team or organisation

Our healthcare leadership development programmes

Our custom-designed leadership programmes work well with individuals, professional groups, departments, across a banded leadership level within an organisation or across the whole organisation.

These programmes typically use our development framework of personal, relational, team, organisational and system leadership to support health and care leaders to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset required to transform their leadership capability and deliver organisational objectives.

Our approach is to partner with organisations and ask important questions about what they need their leaders to know, do and be. We then ask the leaders what they stand for and discover how they lead themselves. We design programmes that inspire health and care leaders to lead confidently and compassionately, to transform systems while remaining true to themselves.

Our leadership interventions provide practical knowledge and specific skills that support health and care leaders to develop the mindsets needed to create lasting value for their organisations and the communities they serve. These are delivered through a variety of experiential methodologies designed specifically for each client’s specific requirements.

Leadership Development Expertise

Compassionate & Inclusive Leadership

Compassionate & Inclusive Leadership

Supporting clinical and care leaders to develop a deeper level of contact with the people they lead and the communities they serve, working more collaboratively to deliver meaningful change.

Transition to Leadership

Transition to  Leadership

For people just starting their leadership journey in health and care settings, developing key leadership skills to enhance their ability to lead others effectively.

Senior Leader Development

Senior Leadership

For experienced leaders in health and care systems, designed to increase their depth of leadership capacity and identify areas for continued growth.

Team Development

Team Development

Working with team leaders to provide the environment in which they can have a transformative effect across their teams, modelling key skills, qualities and behaviours that are required in order to maximise potential and be more effective.

Clinical Team Leadership

Clinical Team Leadership

Working specifically with leaders of clinical teams to facilitate greater trust, mutual accountability and effective working relationships.

Organisation and System Wide Interventions

Organisation-wide programmes

A variety of interventions across different levels and parts of an organisation which create a shift in how an organisation operates to achieve its corporate goals, while remaining focussed on delivering compassionate care to people and communities.

System wide leadership interventions

System-wide programmes

Developing leadership capability across a system through programmes that bring together talented and high potential individuals for system-wide initiatives. Typically these programmes involve the selection of key individuals who can align around systemic leadership needs to provide for future requirements and drive lasting change across a system.

Individual Health coaching training

Building internal training capability

Our train-the-trainer approach equips your personnel with the knowledge, skills and materials they need to develop internal capability and deliver flexible, cost-effective health and care leadership and skills development courses within your organisation.  We also provide ongoing support and supervision for any trainers we develop.

Developing Leaders in Health and Social Care

Action Learning Set Facilitation Skills Development Programme

We can provide training programmes to support people to facilitate action learning sets. Our two day programme includes group facilitation techniques, questioning, challenge and support, listening skills, managing group dynamics and other techniques and models to support the facilitation of Action Learning Sets.

Information Resources

Approach to Leadership in Health & Social Care

Our approach is to partner with organisations and ask important questions about what they need their leaders to know, do and be

Executive Coaching Service for Leaders

We provide individual 1:1 executive coaching for senior leaders and senior clinicians in the health and social care sectors

Workshops and Short Courses

Programmes that are specifically designed to have a high level of impact and deliver individual, system and community benefit

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