Our Approach to Leadership in Health & Social Care

Partnering with clients to help inspire their leaders

Our approach is to partner with organisations and ask important questions about what they need their leaders to know, do and be. We then ask the leaders what they stand for and discover how they lead themselves. We design programmes that inspire health and care leaders to lead confidently and compassionately, to transform systems whilst remaining true to themselves.

We enable organisations to create strong alignment between strategy and leadership culture and performance. Our leadership interventions provide the specific skills and mindset that moves leaders to greater success and creates lasting value for their organisations and the communities that they serve.

Leadership Framework

Our leadership framework encompasses:

  • Personal leadership: developing health and care leaders who lead themselves effectively and maintain their inner stability under stress and pressure
  • Relational leadership: developing health and care leaders who lead and inspire others effectively, engage them, provide direction, and develop their performance to deliver results
  • Team leadership: developing health and care leaders who generate outstanding team performance, creating effective processes, decision making, cooperation, and innovation
  • Organisational & Systems leadership: developing health and care leaders that can influence beyond their immediate teams to cascade the organisational vision, contribute to creating systemic shifts, and enable cultural transformation that produces lasting value

Design Principles

Our leadership programmes are designed around the following principles:

  • Enabling awareness: To enable leaders to see themselves and their impact more clearly, we use many tools, including individual diagnostics (such as personality assessment tools and emotional intelligence inventories) and intra-personal tools (such as 360 feedback)
  • Experiential learning: We hold the belief that learning is only effective when it is integrated in a person’s practices and mindset. Rather than lecturing, our workshops encourage exploration and the learning of new skills in a truly practical way
  • Working ‘with’: We facilitate discovery rather than telling leaders what to do. In the dedicated coaching sessions that accompany our workshops, you set the agenda. We provide the scientific knowledge and support to help you put your vision into action
  • Integrated with practice: We provide solutions that integrate feedback and observation from leaders’ workplaces and ensure that all learnings are carried beyond our leadership programmes
  • Nourish inspiration: Staying inspired is the key to lasting change. That is why we provide access to a wealth of articles, podcasts and videos over the course of our development programmes

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