Enhancing resilience through developing self-awareness

Health Coaching Skills Development

We are proud to have led the development of Health Coaching in the UK and are passionate about its use to deliver personalised, compassionate care that inspires individuals to self-manage and leverages community assets.

We offer a wide range of evidence based skills development programmes in Health Coaching.

With the ever increasing pressure on our health and care systems, new ways of working and different kinds of conversations, underpinned by a different mindset, are vital. The effective use of Health Coaching can revolutionise the delivery of health and social care services.

Based on behaviour change science, TPC Health Coaching training equips practitioners with new mindsets and skills that help people gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to become more active participants in their care.

We are passionate about the use of coaching to advance the integration of health and social care in communities. We are committed to changing the dynamic between the people using services and the service providers, providing personalised, coordinated care designed to fit around a person’s health and social care needs.

We aim to unleash the power and creative potential of practitioners across the system, enabling them to learn how to structure their conversations differently in order to support the inherent potential and resourcefulness of the people that they serve.

We have led many developments in Health Coaching, including our bespoke programmes to support Social Prescribing, and have an extensive track record.

Our core and accredited skills programmes meet the standards and requirements described in the NHS England and NHS Improvement Health Coaching Implementation and Quality Summary Guide and are approved by the Personalised Care Institute.

Introduction to Health Coaching

Introductory programmes designed to introduce practitioners, managers and stakeholders to the approach.

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Core Skills in Health Coaching

Core skills programmes designed to provide the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to support a mindset shift.

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Core Skills in Health Coaching – Virtual

We’ve adapted our core programme so they can be delivered in an online learning environment.

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Accredited Skills in Health Coaching

Our EMCC foundation level programme is for organisations that want to develop dedicated roles in health coaching, or a specialised health coaching service.

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Practitioner level Health Coaching

Our EMCC practitioner level programme further develops foundation level health coaches, for a more in depth approach to health coaching.

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Train the trainer

We provide on-site train the trainer programmes based on our tried and tested methodologies, to develop organisational teams of health coaching trainers.

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Social Prescribing

We enable people in social prescribing roles to use a coaching approach to support community-based self-management and utilisation of community assets.

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Health Coaching Supervision Skills

Training health coaches in how to supervise other health coaches.

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Health Coaching Supervision Services

A supervision service for health coaches.

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Information Resource

Our Health Coaching model

The effective provision of health coaching requires practitioners to integrate three areas

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Our track record and expertise

A TPC Health Coaching training will give you access to the most experienced providers of Health Coaching training in the UK 

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Our application of Health Coaching

Health coaching is an umbrella term used to describe many different interventions

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Our partnership with Better Conversation

We are proud to be the industry partners for Better Conversation.  The movement has been led by our colleague Dr. Penny Newman.

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