Our Approach

Supporting health and wellbeing across the workforce

What makes the TPC Health approach different and meaningful?

It's very important to us that anything we do is meaningful and impactful. We always aim to really understand what a client needs from an intervention, and then partner with them to design programmes that can deliver lasting change.

Partnership and collaborative working is part of our DNA and one of our core values. We have been at the forefront of many coaching and leadership innovations in health and social care, and because much of our work has been pioneering, we have learned to be flexible, adaptive, and agile in adapting to continuous changes. We take a collaborative approach to working with the barriers and enablers to implementation, responding to changes, and working together to identify solutions.

Our participants tell us that they value the following key features in our interventions:

  • Practical Focus: emphasis on addressing the challenges that practitioners face and what they can do to improve their practice and support behaviour change
  • Evidence Based: utilising psychological theories and evidence-based research to guide the development of our tried and tested interventions and programme material
  • Active Learning: incorporating a range of inputs and activities e.g. theory, discussions, reflection, group learning and skills practice
  • Experiential Process: through a process of having an experience, observation and reflection, the formation of new ideas and testing in new situations
  • Personally meaningful: skills practice about personal experiences driving an appreciation of the usefulness of the techniques and approach
  • Holistic Approach: engaging the head (cognitive knowledge), heart (emotional) and hands (practical skills)
  • Application to Workplace: opportunities to think about and plan how to close the knowing, doing and being gaps in applying learning to practitioner roles, and adopt a mindset to embed the approach

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We recognise that each organisation is unique. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll be pleased to design a solution with you.