Return to Work Well

A programme specifically designed to help organisations return to work well, following the COVID-19 pandemic

We have developed the Returning to Work Well Programme to actively support organisations as they navigate through the COVID19 pandemic.

Organisations aiming to recover quickly will need staff to be resilient, willing and able to adapt to new working practices and engaged in the collective responsibility of helping the organisation to return to work well.

There are some well evidenced strategies that organisations can prioritise to support a healthy return to work:

TPC Health is a specialist organisation focussed on health and wellbeing solutions:

  • We are experts in behaviour change and health coaching solutions
  • We are staffed by psychologists, medical doctors and health practitioners
  • We use a holistic approach; we incorporate physical, behavioural, mental, emotional, social and spiritual domains of wellbeing
  • Our programmes are evidence based and use a positive psychology approach
  • Our partnership with TPC Leadership gives us the unique blend of both leadership and behaviour change expertise

All of our programmes are bespoke and co-created with our clients to ensure they meet an organisation’s specific needs and requirements.

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We recognise that each organisation is unique. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we’ll be pleased to design a solution with you.