Health & Wellbeing Coaching for the Workforce

Solutions to support behaviour change and reduce health risks across the workforce

Why health and wellbeing coaching?

With more than one in three working age people in the UK having a health condition, the impact of poor health can be an enormous cost for organisations.  Health and Wellbeing coaching is designed to support organisations to be healthy by enabling behaviour change and reducing health risks among the workforce.

Health and Wellbeing coaching is becoming an integral part of workplace wellbeing programmes, and evidence suggests that a properly executed programme has significant benefits for both employees and organisations.  Employees tend to report positive gains in specific condition management, and general gains with respect to their energy, confidence and perceptions of future health; while organisations can benefit through increased employee morale, engagement and productivity.

Organisational Health and Wellbeing Coaching programmes can be targeted to individuals who are at higher levels of risk. They are therefore likely to receive the greatest personal benefits and deliver the most significant return on investment for the organisation.

Wellbeing and resilience coaching for employees

Our workplace wellbeing coaching scheme is for employees who need support in order to maximise their wellbeing. It's different from other schemes because it addresses challenges before they arise - coaching is intended to be proactive rather than reactive to a particular situation.

Through our experience* of running workplace wellbeing and resilience coaching schemes, we've found that coaching:

  • increases resilience
  • increases wellbeing
  • increases engagement
  • improves work-life balance
  • makes staff feel that they are being heard and being listened to
  • brings to the surface themes for the organisation to address

* We have been running a programme with a large national organisation in response to  Covid-19, with over 5,000 coaching sessions booked and 100% positive feedback

Features of the approach

Wellbeing and resilience coaching for employees


Video call through computer or smartphone (Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp etc)

Wellbeing and resilience coaching Workforce wellbeing


Offered at times that are suitable for staff

Wellbeing and resilience coaching flexible times


Subject to coach availability, can be scheduled with very short notice

Support your workforce, Work wellbeing


Delivered by qualified health and wellbeing practitioners with clinical experience

Workplace Wellbeing, Supporting your workforce

Evidence based

Uses our evidence based, tried and tested proprietary resilience and wellbeing techniques and approaches

Workplace Wellbeing TPC health


Can be designed to address a specific, identified need in the organisation or run as an ad hoc facility for individuals

How does it work?

We'll start by consulting with you to understand whether you want to provide a service to individuals, addressing individual needs, or whether there is a systemic challenge that you want to address through coaching. If there are any particular areas that you want us to deep-dive on, we can work with you to co-create a solution e.g. using specific surveys to better understand the employees' thoughts.

Having scoped the scheme with you, we'll make the booking system available to you - either through your own intranet or through a dedicated area on our website. Your employees will be able to book their coaching sessions with an experienced coach, specialising in health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Find out more about TPC Health

We recognise that each organisation is unique. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll be pleased to design a solution with you.