Self-Management Support

Enabling organisations to support self-management as part of their strategy for health and wellbeing in their workforce

Our Self-Management Support Programmes

Many organisations are starting to offer support for self-management as part of their health and wellbeing workforce strategies. This typically involves bringing together individuals with the same health condition or with similar healthy lifestyle challenges and working with them in group settings.  The core focus of these groups is to strengthen positive health-related behaviours by supporting participants to develop their understanding of health conditions and increase their health literacy.

At TPC Health, our highly experienced health coaches are also trained as expert facilitators. They will bring condition-specific knowledge to work with the group using a coaching approach to support positive health actions and behaviour change.  Their approach will include building appreciation of peer support, supporting collaborative decision-making skills and growing knowledge and skills around self-management techniques.

Self-management support has been found to help individuals:

  • Feel more confident about managing their health condition
  • Feel more in control of their health condition
  • Understand how to better manage their condition
  • Develop skills to cope with daily challenges
  • Reduce stress and improve quality of life
  • Improve physical symptoms and overall health
  • Set realistic self-identified health goals

We can offer self-management support services either in person or online.  They can be designed for organisation-wide interventions or for a specific conditions or lifestyle challenges within your workforce.

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