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Consultancy services that can transform systems and deliver improved health and wellbeing for people and communities

Health and Social Care consultancy: working in partnership with you

We believe that when delivering consulting services, it’s not just what you do, but how you do it, that is important.  Our approach is to form collaborative partnerships and encourage inclusive working both with the organisations that commission us, and the communities they serve.  Above all, we really do care about putting patients, service users and communities at the centre of the services we support, and we are deeply motivated to deliver lasting, transformation change that improves people’s lives.

We work co-productively to develop approaches to discovery and problem solving that can reach across traditional boundaries to build lasting value. We also understand the complexity and dynamic change that is typical of the sector, and share our expertise and recommendations sensitively and respectfully.

Having worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of leaders across the health and social care sector, it is our experience that, especially in times of turmoil and upheaval, organisations benefit from being able to take a step back and take a look at their organisation as a whole, enabling them to address issues with systems and processes before creating change at an individual level.

Our consultancy team has a powerful combination of skills and experiences that means they will understand your context and know how to listen carefully to your needs.

TPC Health consultants have:

  • Experience of having held senior clinical and practitioner roles within the sector
  • Experience of having held senior leadership roles within the sector
  • A deep understanding of the complexity inherent in the sector
  • Expert organisational development experience informed from both within the sector and from other sectors

With more than 20 years of experience of delivering transformational interventions in the health and social care sector, we have a strong reputation for delivering lasting impact in the following areas:

Leadership Consulting

Leadership consulting is a holistic way of looking at the leadership capacity in your organisation to maximise its alignment with your business goals and turn it into your ultimate advantage.

We help organisations diagnose and understand their current leadership culture, plan the kind of leadership that their organisation needs and initiate projects to transform their approach to leadership and leadership capability.

Examples of our work include:

  • Developing a leadership competency framework and values for a social care organisation
  • Assessing the leadership culture within the top 300 leaders in a large acute Trust
  • Conducting assessment and development centres for a system wide intervention designed to determine the leadership talent within a health and social care system
  • Development and implementation of a bespoke 360 tool for an organisation that incorporated their values

Service Design

We offer consultancy in service design for organisations to help them design, redesign and improve services so that can deliver the impact that they aspire to and deliver quality and safe care to the communities they serve.

This can involve both contributing with our own expertise to inform the service design process; and/or using a coproduction approach to engage leaders, teams, service users and the public in co-designing new services or new ways of working by harnessing their creativity.

Examples of our work include:

  • Designing broadscale workforce development programmes
  • Redesigning specific clinical services
  • Testing a range of service design options to identify the most effective way forward
  • Setting up new health coaching services
  • Developing a multi-provider nation-wide coaching service

Quality Improvement

We offer consultancy in quality improvement services for organisations to provide the technical assistance and expert coaching that is needed to develop innovative, practical approaches for advancing the organisation’s goals.

This often involves building skills and capacity within teams and transferring quality improvement skills within an organisation to support continuous improvement.

Examples of our work include:

  • Identifying quality improvement development needs followed by the provision of training for skills development
  • Developing a cohort of quality improvement coaches for a local authority region
  • Providing specific quality improvement coaching for “change coaches” within a region
  • Designing quality improvement plans for specific services

Organisational Change and Development

We offer consultancy in organisational change and development for organisations to plan, support and respond to change processes. We draw on the many organisational development theories and models that we have found to support the effective development of organisations.

This often involves the planning and sensitive implementation of change processes, in consultation with, the people impacted by the change.

Examples of our work include:

  • Providing change processes to support the merger of organisations and the development of a new culture
  • Developing interventions to support the introduction of a new matrix management system
  • Working with organisations through specific crises and challenging events
  • Supporting system wide change and restructuring processes
  • Developing teams to support a organisational change process
  • Designing and implementing a change management process

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