Employee Wellbeing

Programmes designed to support individuals, teams and organisations to feel good and function well

Our Wellbeing programmes focus on the ways that we can support individuals, teams and organisations to feel good and function well.

For Wellbeing programmes to lead to lasting behaviour change they must connect to people’s current perception of their needs and identify a future compelling state of health and wellbeing that feels achievable.  Our approach is to partner with organisations to understand their local context and the specific needs of their workforce, so that programmes are individually co-produced and developed to ensure they are fit for purpose.

Our methodologies are guided by evidence based and holistic models incorporating the physical, behavioural, mental, emotional, social and spiritual domains of wellbeing.  We support people to plan ahead, be proactive and build their wellbeing goals into a strategy. We use coaching based approaches to make wellbeing part of everyday working life, enhancing positive feelings and emotions to benefit both physical and psychological health. Our programmes support people to develop the knowledge, skills and mindset to lead full, productive and rewarding professional lives without sacrificing the quality of their personal life.

Typical topics include:

Healthy lifestyles

Nutrition and healthy eating

Developing positive behaviours and habits

Sleep and rest

Stress management

Mental and emotional health

Mental health first aid

Energy management

Physical activity and exercise

Boundary management

Work life balance

Healthy relationships

Short courses and workshops:

  • Are designed around a specific issue or topic of relevance
  • Raise awareness about the topic
  • Develop knowledge and understanding
  • Create positive behaviours
  • Support personal action planning

Longer courses:

  • Are designed around a series of topics relevant to the audience
  • Develop an understanding of the contributors and detractors to personal wellbeing
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of own holistic wellbeing
  • Create positive behaviours and healthy habits
  • Support personal action planning
  • Can be supported with individual health and wellbeing coaching

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