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About our TPC Health team

TPC Health was previously known as The Performance Coach, and formerly part of TPC Leadership. It was founded by Dr Andrew McDowell, specifically for our work in the health and social care sectors.

We have a large faculty team that have a deep understanding of the complexity of clinical and social care settings and the changing landscape of the health and care system.  They are primarily experienced health and care professionals who understand the challenges, pressures and difficulties faced by their NHS colleagues.

They know what it is like to manage risk, make difficult decisions, endure suffering and be over-worked. They understand the courage and commitment that it takes to work in the NHS or a social care setting, and have experienced the rewards that clinical practice can bring, including being humbled by the bravery of patients and triumph of the human spirit in adversity.

They come from a range of clinical and care backgrounds including psychologists, doctors, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, counsellors, psychotherapists, social workers, community-health practitioners, social prescribers, speech-therapists, health and wellbeing coaches, patient-experience officers and consultants.

Our team has unrivalled experience in delivering applied skills development programmes in the health and social care sector, and many are leading thought leaders who are regularly invited to speak at conferences and contribute to key policy documents.

We also have a team of programme managers who are all very experienced in supporting clients through programmes, and have specialist knowledge around working with health and social care clients, as well as private sector clients.

Meet our Team

We believe our people are our most valuable assets in terms of the knowledge, skills and experience they bring, and in the values that they hold.

Dr. Andrew McDowell

Dr. Andrew McDowell

Andrew is a psychologist, coach and leadership professional with more than 30 years experience of innovation in the health and care sector.

Angie Herrmann TPC Health

Dr. Angie Herrmann

Angie is a medical doctor with 30 years experience, and expertise in training, consulting, health coaching and working with teams.

Ruth Sangale (new)

Ruth Sangale

Ruth is a leadership development and coaching consultant with a background in organisational development in the NHS.

Kim Morsley

Dr. Kim Morsley

Kim has more than 25 years' clinical and leadership experience in the health care system, and extensive expertise in health coaching.

Anthony Owens

Anthony Owens

Anthony has a clinical background as a podiatrist, with vast experience in organisational development and systems leadership.

Judith Firman

Judith Firman

Judith is a psychotherapist and coach with broad experience of providing coaching, training and supervision services in the health & care sector.

Helen O'Grady TPC Health

Helen O'Grady

Helen has a background in paediatric nursing, has held various national clinical roles and provides leadership, coaching and supervision services.

Hilary Harvey TPC HEALTH

Hilary Harvey

Hilary is a co-production and patient experience expert with a background in coaching, leadership and management consultancy.


Diana Whitmore

Diana is a psychotherapist and coach with extensive experience in training and providing clinical supervision for health and social care practitioners.

Julia Brown

Julia Brown

Julia has background in nursing, midwifery and health visiting, and has previously held senior clinical & system wide management roles.

Neel Arya

Neel Arya

Neel has a background in management consultancy with broad experience of coaching and change in the health system.

Nicky Williams

Dr. Nicola Williams

Nicola is a chartered psychologist, coach and trainer, with senior experience in national level roles in clinical research.

Cathy Yuill TPC Health

Cathy Yuill

Cathy has a background in speech & language therapy and the use of coaching, with specialisms in older people and psychiatry of old age.

Jackee Holder

Jackee Holder

Jackee has a background in psychotherapy and organisational development, she provides leadership, coaching and supervision services.

Sue Mortlock

Sue Mortlock

Sue has a background in organisational development, and senior leadership experience in private and public organisations.

Matt Simpson

Matt Simpson

Matt has a background in personalised care and project leadership in the NHS, and is a health and wellbeing coach and health coaching trainer.

Alison Crombie

Dr. Alison Crombie

Alison is a nurse with over 20 years' senior managerial and operational experience, leading strategic clinical and education services.

Juliet Winter

Juliet Winter

Juliet has a background in patient experience and organisational development, working across NHS, public sector and education.

kate nash

Kate Nash

Kate’s background is in respiratory nursing, holding a number of senior clinical and leadership roles. She is an experienced health coaching trainer.

Merrisha Gordon

Merrisha Gordon

Merrisha has a background in psychology and mental health, as well as extensive experience in the management of clinical services.

sue TPC Health

Sue Denmark

Sue has a background in social work, leading community services, and expertise in patient experience and coproduction including national roles.

Girda Niles

Girda Niles

Girda is a Coach and Action Learning Facilitator, specialising in health and social impact organisations.  She has vast experience of working in the NHS and in the community and voluntary sectors.

Jacquie Moses

Jacquie Moses

Jacquie has a background in coaching, facilitation and mental wellbeing, with extensive experience working in organisations, in the community and the criminal justice system.

John Frost

John Frost

John’s background is in training and leadership development, with extensive experience with medical colleges and primary care clinicians.

Catherine Gorham 3

Catherine Gorham

Catherine is a coach, supervisor, and leadership/change consultant with experience in the charity and social care sector.

Clare Hawkins

Clare Hawkins

Clare is a Registered Nurse, coach and leadership professional with more than 30 years experience working in the NHS.

Charles Brook

Charles Brook

Charles was the founder of The Performance Coach. With broad experience in the sector, he is part of our management team.

Nita Sharma

Nita Sharma

Nita is a facilitator and coach with experience across a broad range of sectors and particular expertise in inclusive leadership and diversity.

Operations Team

Lisa TPC Health

Lisa Raynsford

Lisa has a background in the legal industry where she worked in team management and operations, and also spent five years working within the NHS. She now manages the day-to-day running of TPC Health.

Penny Krogmann

Penny Krogmann

Penny's background is in Training and Event Management. She worked with TPC Leadership for 5 years before joining TPC Health to focus on running Open Programmes as well as managing some client programmes.

karen health coaching

Karen Ehlers

Karen has vast experience in various administration roles and also worked in the health and fitness industry. She assists the team with all aspects of logistics and project support.

virginia TPC HEalth

Virginia Johnson

Virginia worked in the travel industry for many years. She is a programme manager at TPC Health, specialising in managing complex programmes for health and social care sector clients.


Claire Goddard

Claire worked as an account manager in the medical industry for many years, and more recently in an administration role for local government. She is an account manager with TPC Health, focusing on broadening the scope of the business.


Melanie Howes

Melanie's background is in Learning and Development project coordination and management in the legal and healthcare business sectors. She is a Programme Manager focusing on client programmes.

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