Health Coaching Supervision Services

Providing supervision and support for your health coaches

Why use a Health Coach Supervisor?

Organisations that are offering health coaching services have an obligation to provide effective and supportive health coaching supervision from a more senior and experienced member of staff who is also equipped with health coaching skills. They must support health coaches in their development and learning so that they deliver high quality services.

Practitioners should have access to regular supervision. This will depend on their role but may be monthly. It is good practice to have a mix of individual and group supervision. Health coaches should also have access to emergency supervision (ideally within 24 hours of an event) where this is needed, to have an opportunity to process a situation or event of concern or impact.

Our supervision processes are built around the following three characteristics:

  • Formative – focussing on learning
  • Normative – focussing on quality and standards
  • Restorative – focussing on support and encouragement

We advocate the utilisation of the Donald Schon approach for developing practitioner reflexivity through a process of Reflection before Action, Reflection during Action and Reflection after Action. We embed this approach by showing health coaching supervisors how to encourage health coaches to reflect on their practice.

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We offer supervision in the following formats:

  • In person supervision for individuals
  • In person supervision for groups
  • Virtual (online) supervision for individual
  • Virtual (online) supervision for groups

We also provide virtual and in person supervision services for supervisors both in individual and group formats.

About our supervisor services

Our health coaching supervision processes provide a safe environment to:

  • Reflect on personal practice
  • Grow confidence to provide health coaching creatively and effectively
  • Develop greater knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses in health coaching roles
  • Review continuing development of health coaching skills in line with professional standards

Our Supervision programmes provide a confidential environment for health coaches to develop and deepen their effectiveness. Supervision sessions usually take place each month, and we recommend that coaches are supervised on ongoing basis throughout their career.

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