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We understand that there are ever-increasing pressures being placed on our health and care systems, and those that work on the front-line. TPC Health are continually looking for new ways to transform the sector and revolutionise the way in which health and social care services are delivered - via the effective use of health coaching.

Our webinars are available to anyone interested in health coaching. So whether you are employed in a specific health and wellbeing coach role, using a health coaching approach within an existing health and care profession or a leader interested in supporting your team to use a health coaching approach, register for our next webinar to continue your development. The monthly webinars enable peers to collaborate, share learning, discuss and resolve challenges, as well as build a sense of community for anyone involved and interested in Health Coaching.

Our free sessions will cover different topics each month and have been designed to increase self-confidence, refresh knowledge and skill sets and support people working within increasingly diverse and complex environments.

The webinars will be delivered by our experienced and qualified faculty as well as guest speakers, who are experts in their fields. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss hurdles or potential barriers and receive support in implementing relevant changes.

Future Dates & Topics

Wednesday 18th September @ 4pm

"Developing your coaching philosophy"

Monday 21st October @ 12pm

"Using a positive psychology approach in your coaching"

Wednesday 20th November @ 4pm

"Bringing a coaching relationship to a close"

Monday 16th December @ 12pm

"Cultivating self trust"

When do the webinars take place?

Our monthly meetings take place on either the third Monday or Wednesday of each month. They start at the following times:

Monday = 12pm start and finish at 1pm.

Wednesday = 4pm start and finish at 5pm

How to book your free place

Access to our webinars is not restricted to people who have previously accessed one of our coaching programmes. Anyone who is interested in health coaching can join us and become a member of our community. Please fill out your details below to receive your webinar zoom link. Our webinars are recorded and will be available for people who could not join the call. By registering with us, you are consenting to being recorded.

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Health & Wellbeing Programmes

We offer heath coaching programmes  that have been designed to build and develop skills to deliver personalised, compassionate care.

Health Coaching Training for Organisations

Core and accredited skills programmes designed to enable organisations to train health coaches

Health & Wellbeing Coaching Academy

Individual core skills and accredited Health Coaching training through our Health Coaching Academy

Health Coaching Supervision Training & Services

Learn to supervise health coaches, or benefit from receiving supervision yourself with our Supervision Service

What our participants say

I honestly think the whole of our service should get this training. It is interesting to look at colleagues and patients with a different perspective during and after the course - I think for a lot of people it would be quite a big (and uncomfortable) shift in mindset and the way services are offered. The course has been brilliant and I am motivated to keep practicing and learning

If I went back and had to pick only one training of the many many I have done - this (Core Skills in Health Coaching) training would be the one I would pick. Practical tools to help people make changes. Thank you

Learning strategies on how to help change people’s behaviour by empowering them to realise they often have the experience, knowledge and answers to help resolve their problem with just some guidance. Much better way than me coming up with all the ideas and more inclusive/interactive!

I feel really empowered with new knowledge providing different ways of approaching everyday problems in the lives of others. It was a great opportunity to meet other professionals from other disciplines and share some same type problems or issues that affect our clientele.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for this fantastic course. This has been for me, the best consultation skills course I have ever been on and it was amazing to see how it can be done in the 10 minute consultation as demonstrated. I am going to feed it back to my practice so we can all put the skills into use. Thanks to you and the facilitators

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Information Resources

Our Health Coaching Model

The effective provision of health coaching requires practitioners to integrate three areas

Our Track Record and Expertise

TPC Health Coaching training will give you access to the most experienced providers of Health Coaching training in the UK

Our Application of Health Coaching

Health coaching is an umbrella term used to describe many different interventions

Our Partnership with Better Conversation

We're proud to be the industry partners for Better Conversation. The movement has been led by our colleague Dr. Penny Newman

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