Enhancing resilience through developing self-awareness

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At TPC Health we are changing the way organisations, practitioners and individuals improve health and wellbeing by delivering innovative solutions for the Health and Social Care workforce.

Health Coaching

Health Coaching Skills Development

We are proud to have led the development of Health Coaching in the health and social care sector and are passionate about its use to advance the integration of health and social care in communities.

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Leadership in Health & Social Care

We work with organisations to design bespoke programmes that develop health and care leaders who are both effective and inspiring, who can lead confidently and who can transform systems while remaining authentic and true to their values.

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Workforce Wellbeing

Our Workforce Wellbeing programmes are designed to support practitioners, the leaders of services and organisations to develop the knowledge, skills, mindsets and behaviours needed to thrive.

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Health & Wellbeing Coaching Academy

Leveraging 20 years in the health and social care sector, we offer evidence based, accredited health coaching training direct to individuals.

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Empowering Communities

TPC Health values patients, family members, carers, volunteers, charities and support groups as a vital and contributing resource in health and social care.

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Health & Social Care Consulting Services

We work in partnership with health and social care organisations to provide consultancy services that can transform systems and deliver improved health and wellbeing for people and communities.

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We recognise that every organisation, team and individual is unique and we can bespoke our services specifically to your needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can design a solution with you.