Executive Coaching for Health & Social Care

Executive coaching for senior leaders and senior practitioners in the health and care sectors

About our Executive Coaching

Senior people benefit enormously from executive coaching that offers a safe and confidential space to address leadership challenges and enhance leadership development.

At different stages in the leadership journey, working with an executive coach can support leaders to clarify their vision for themselves and their organisations; identify strengths and talents that support them to realise their potential, and devise pragmatic strategies that deliver benefits and value to the organisation and communities they serve.

Topics for Coaching

Topics that people commonly bring for executive coaching include:

  • Support for leadership development
  • Relational challenges and conflicts
  • Executive presence and impact
  • Personal leadership style
  • Managing a personal issue that is having an impact
  • Addressing specific service challenges
  • Managing workload and multiple responsibilities
  • Challenges to personal values in the context of system demands
  • Maintaining contact with a sense of meaning and purpose

What a typical executive coaching intervention includes

While every client’s coaching needs are different, and programmes of coaching are always made bespoke to meet individual needs, a typical executive coaching intervention tends to include:

A matching process to find the right coach for you

Contracting around what you want from coaching and how you will work with your coach

3-way contracting with line managers where appropriate, to ensure organisational benefit

Up to 6 action-focussed sessions (more sessions available if appropriate) - typically 2 hours in length

4-6 weeks between sessions, allowing time for you to integrate and apply what has been discussed

An evaluation process to assess the value of the coaching and its individual and organisational benefit

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