Health & Wellbeing Coaching for Senior Leaders

Supporting you to proactively manage your own health and wellbeing

About our Health & Wellbeing Coaching

We recognise that proactively managing health and wellbeing issues can make an enormous difference to workplace performance.

All too often senior leaders de-prioritise their own health and wellbeing in order to support the wellbeing of their organisations, their workforce or the communities they serve.

Our individually tailored 1:1 health and wellbeing coaching services can be structured around your individual needs and designed into a programme of support that will help you take control of your health and wellbeing and proactively manage it.

Topics for Coaching

Topics that people commonly bring for health and wellbeing coaching include:

  • Creating optimal health and enhancing work performance
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Managing stress and sustaining resilience
  • Avoiding or recovering from burnout
  • Planning re-entry and recovery
  • Addressing specific health challenges or concerns
  • Establishing healthy behaviours and positive habits
  • Managing work-life balance
  • Developing greater wellbeing
  • Energy management
  • Managing long-term conditions
  • Post-Covid recovery

What a typical health and wellbeing coaching intervention includes

While every client’s coaching needs are different, and programmes of coaching are always made bespoke to meet individual needs, a typical health and wellbeing coaching intervention tends to include:

A matching process to find the right coach for you

Contracting around what you want from health and wellbeing coaching and how you will work with your coach

3-way contracting with line managers where appropriate, to ensure organisational benefit

Up to 4 action-focussed sessions (more sessions available if appropriate) - typically 45-60 minutes in length

Check-in calls between sessions where appropriate

An appropriate amount of time between sessions (agreed with your coach) depending on how you are using the coaching support

An evaluation process to assess the value of the coaching and its individual and organisational benefit

If you are interested in a wider workforce intervention for your organisation, please see our Health and Wellbeing for the Workforce service

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We recognise that each organisation is unique. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we'll be pleased to design a solution with you.