Coaching Conversations

Understand the key behaviours, skills and techniques used by coaches, for positive coaching conversations

Our Coaching Conversations Programme

Through our experience of working in the health and social care sector, we have established that using a coaching approach in conversations can significantly improve success rates in behaviour change, positively impacting the dynamic between the people using services and the service providers.

Who is this programme for?

For leaders, managers or practitioners who are looking to understand the core principles and skills of coaching so that they can learn to apply a coaching approach in their role and enhance the quality of their conversations.

Examples of how this programme has been applied:

Coaching for Clinicians:  Supporting clinicians and clinical managers to integrate a coaching approach into their approach to leadership and management.

Coaching for Social Care:  Supporting social care professionals to use coaching as part of their strengths or asset-based approach both with clients and colleagues.

Coaching for Clinical Supervisors:  Supporting clinical supervisors to use a coaching approach to enhance their effectiveness.

Coaching as a leadership style: Supporting leaders and managers from any background to learn how to integrate a coaching approach to enhance their leadership style, and support a coaching culture.

The programme will cover:

Introduction to the key behaviours, skills and techniques used by coaches and how these can be used effectively in the working environment

Focusing on the small changes that people can make in order to introduce a coaching approach with individuals and teams, and how they can integrate a coaching approach into their existing leadership style, management approach, and/or practitioner role.

Experience of a variety of learning opportunities including understanding coaching models, evidenced based approaches, skills development, skills practice, case-studies and the application of coaching specifically in their contexts.

Our approach

Although we can draw on a range of topics to cover within the programme, the length of the programme will be up to you. We'll work with you to decide how best to deliver the training to suit your circumstances. Most programmes are 1 - 2 days in duration.

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