Team Coaching Skills for Health and Social Care

Providing coaches and team leaders with the skills, models and techniques needed to coach their teams effectively

About our Team Coaching Skills Programme

What is Team Coaching?

Since it is often teams, not individuals, who are tasked with achieving organisational goals, it is vital that they work as efficiently as possible. However, the reality of modern teamwork is that people are rarely in the same place at the same time, and meetings are often sporadic and difficult to manage. Despite this being the norm, it rarely leads to optimum results.

Team coaching is a powerful tool that brings individuals together to develop their skills, awareness and efficiency in a ‘virtual’ working environment, leading to a more focused overall performance.

Programme content includes:

  • Understanding how to apply coaching to the team context
  • Understanding the core principles in effective team formation and functioning
  • Understanding how to contract for team interventions
  • Understanding how to design an ongoing team coaching intervention
  • Understanding how to conduct a team event or away day
  • Learning the skills, models and techniques for:
    • Supporting new team development
    • Enhancing team performance
    • Working with change and transitions
    • Working with conflict transformation
    • Working with an appreciative approach

Through a series of workshops, interspersed with practice sessions, team coaches will learn the basic techniques of coaching and then will progress onto topics such as team dynamics, team relationships, working with conflict and managing difficult conversations. In the later modules team coaches learn how teams sit within the system, and about how to manage external influences.

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