Reciprocal Mentoring

Supporting organisations to create systemic transformational change

Our Reciprocal Mentoring Programme

There is a growing interest in Reciprocal Mentoring, which is based on reverse mentoring but where each party to the relationship mentor each other, to create an equal partnership and support systemic change. Reciprocal Mentoring can be a powerful enabler that supports equalising the “balance of power” and challenges the traditional often hierarchical culture that often exists in organisations. Reciprocal Mentoring can be extremely effective in supporting under-represented groups and breaking down barriers.

Our Reciprocal Mentoring Programmes are structured over six stages which we believe are essential to truly gain the full benefit of the programme:

  • Design – understand an organisation’s needs and context, identify concerns and coproduce the programme
  • Preparation – support organisations to develop processes for recruitment and mentor/ mentee matching. Ensure full engagement of senior staff
  • Develop – provide training to junior staff in mentoring skills, and training to senior staff in how be mentored
  • Mentoring – mentoring sessions with mid programme supervision calls
  • Integration – bring everyone together to extracting value & plan next steps, this is an opportunity to process and share learning and develop the team
  • Celebration – celebrate success, share and implement learning, disseminate to wider organisation

We are very experienced at delivering Reciprocal Mentoring programmes and would be pleased to discuss and share our experience to support designing a programme suitable for your organisation. 

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