Peer Support & Action Learning Programmes

Develop the skills necessary to facilitate peer support sessions and action learning sets.

Introduction to Peer Support & Action Learning Programme

TPC Health has been a provider of coach training in the health and care system for over 20 years and has a long history of training coach supervisors. Our supervision faculty are fully accredited coaching supervisors with clinical and healthcare backgrounds. We are proud to be one of the few organisations to hold an EMCC Global Supervision Quality Award and offer an EMCC EQSA accredited training programme.

Our supervision programmes have been designed and developed to provide organisations with an internal resource of trained supervisors that can offer coaching supervision to health and wellbeing coaches, and other ARRS roles.

This programme is aimed at early career practitioners who would like to learn more about working in groups with their peers, and developing skills for facilitating peer support sessions and action learning sets; but don’t yet meet the criteria to join the Core Supervision Skills Development Programme.

For Health and Wellbeing Coaches this would be appropriate for practitioners at Tier 1 or early in Tier 2 levels.

Our Track Record & Expertise

You will gain access to the most experienced providers of health coaching training in the UK.

Our Application of Health Coaching

Health coaching is an umbrella term used to describe many different interventions.

Our Health Coaching Model

The effective provision of health coaching requires practitioners to integrate three areas.

Our Partnership With Better Conversation

We're proud to be partners for Better Conversation, led by our colleague Dr. Penny Newman.

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