Become a Health Coach Practitioner

Advanced skills programme for health coach specialists

Our Practitioner Level in Health Coaching

Who is this programme for?

Our 8 day Practitioner Level in Health Coaching programme is designed for individuals who want to become professional health coaches and organisations that want to develop dedicated roles in health coaching or a specialised health coaching service with coaches that can function at a high level of skill. It's suitable for practitioners from all health, care, community and voluntary sectors. The programme can be delivered as either a stand alone 8 day programme or as an upgrade programme from our four day Accredited Skills in Health Coaching Programme.

What do participants learn?

The programme is an extension of our four day Accredited Skills in Health Coaching Programme and builds on that content, extending participants’ knowledge and understanding of coaching through the following additional content:

  • Coaching to develop insights
  • Positive psychology and coaching
  • Coaching for wellbeing
  • Coaching for resilience
  • Coaching for recovery
  • Coaching for behaviour change
  • Transformational coaching
  • Coaching through complexity and loss

Participants will develop advanced skills practice in health coaching models, conversation frames and techniques with constructive feedback from expert practitioners. There will also be an advanced practical skills assessment and reflection process.

What does the programme experience include?

The programme is generally structured as a series of workshops delivered over a period of 6-8 months to allow participants to practice their developing skills.

This is a highly interactive programme with an emphasis on skill practice and development. The programme will be delivered using a highly participative and experiential learning process supported by expert input.

The following elements are included in the programme experience:

  • Skills based experiential workshops
  • Pre-programme calls & webinars
  • Post-programme calls & webinars
  • Sessions spaced over time to allow for skill integration and development
  • Processes supporting skills practice & reflection
  • Buddy pairs to encourage practice & share learning
  • Practice Coaching sessions developing
  • Professional supervision between workshops
  • Access to our online virtual learning management system and resource library
  • Individual support as required

How is the Health Coach Practitioner programme accredited?

EQA practitioner

This programme:

  • Is accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) at the Practitioner Level. To receive this EQA award, participants are required to pass a skills assessment, demonstrate evidence of practice and undertake reflection about practice. With additional practice hours, participants can then apply for an individual accreditation (EIA) with the EMCC.
  • Incorporates all the content, material and accreditations associated with our 4 day Accredited Skills in Health Coaching programmes.

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