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Do you have a health and wellbeing coach you would like to train to become a supervisor?  Investing in developing an internal health coaching supervisor resource is more cost effective than outsourcing supervision provision.

NHSE carried out a survey in 2021 which showed that lack of adequate supervision is one of the main reasons HWBCs leave their role. The NHSE Workforce Development Framework states that all HWBCs should receive health coaching supervision on a monthly basis from someone experienced in health coaching.

Our Core Supervision Skills Development Programme is designed for HWBCs who are working at or towards Tier 3 (e.g. can evidence 500 coaching hours), and have completed a 4 day PCI accredited health coaching programme.

This programme will provide the skills they need to deliver 1:1 and group supervision to both HWBCs and other ARRs roles and is delivered by qualified and accredited coaching supervisors.

Supervision Programme Structure & Dates

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Participants who have completed our Core Supervision Skills Programme can continue their development with our EMCC EQSA  Accredited Supervision Skills Development Programme.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss further please contact us and we will be in touch to arrange a suitable date.

What our participants say

I honestly think the whole of our service should get this training. It is interesting to look at colleagues and patients with a different perspective during and after the course - I think for a lot of people it would be quite a big (and uncomfortable) shift in mindset and the way services are offered. The course has been brilliant and I am motivated to keep practicing and learning

If I went back and had to pick only one training of the many many I have done - this (Core Skills in Health Coaching) training would be the one I would pick. Practical tools to help people make changes. Thank you

Learning strategies on how to help change people’s behaviour by empowering them to realise they often have the experience, knowledge and answers to help resolve their problem with just some guidance. Much better way than me coming up with all the ideas and more inclusive/interactive!

I feel really empowered with new knowledge providing different ways of approaching everyday problems in the lives of others. It was a great opportunity to meet other professionals from other disciplines and share some same type problems or issues that affect our clientele.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for this fantastic course. This has been for me, the best consultation skills course I have ever been on and it was amazing to see how it can be done in the 10 minute consultation as demonstrated. I am going to feed it back to my practice so we can all put the skills into use. Thanks to you and the facilitators

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