Case Study: Creating a coaching culture across Health and Social Care

The programme:

TPC Health was commissioned by Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire CCG through the Wiltshire Better Care Plan to support the development of a person centred coaching culture across social care and health services.  The intervention was part of a larger strategy of integrated working to support people with long term and age related conditions to receive care as close to home as possible, being able to live healthily, independently and safely, whilst being listened to and involved in their care.


We initially delivered a series of two day programmes focussing on supporting multidisciplinary integrated health and social care teams to learn how to use a person centred care coaching approach.  This programme, a pilot, was very positively received, with evaluation highlighting:

  • High staff engagement with the training
  • Very strong effectiveness of the approach when applied with patients
  • The longevity of the skills developed compared to alternative approaches
  • The fit of the approach with the desired culture of an integrated approach across health and social care

A Train the Trainer programme was subsequently commissioned to roll out the person centred coaching approach across the entire system and build an internal resource of trainers from health and social care settings.  We supported the Wiltshire to select suitable participants to become trainers, which resulted in individuals being selected from Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Health & Care, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and Medvivo (the local out of hours provider). The system wide approach created a sustainable internal capacity for the ongoing roll out of the training across the workforce.  This was supported by TPC Health through an embedding programme and Continuing Professional Development support for trainers, with additional consultancy to the system about future programmes.


The trainers have co-delivered the two day programme to over 160 staff, including social workers, physiotherapists, (specialist) nurses, customer coordinators, occupational therapists, GPs, care workers, mental health workers. These respondents were asked to rate their overall impressions of the Person Centred Care Coaching programme which yielded the following overall feedback:

  • Content : 95% positive
  • Delivery and leadership : 97% positive
  • Expertise of the facilitators : 97% positive
  • Opportunities to work and learn with colleagues : 99% positive
  • Quality of support materials : 97% positive
  • Applicability to your work : 85% positive
  • Your own contribution to the learning of others : 81% positive

More system wide service and outcome related data is currently being gathered and evaluated and will be aggregated in the near future into a case study. From a system wide perspective, there is a high degree of ongoing interest in the intervention, with a number of other regions now currently investigating the feasibility of undertaking similar models for developing internal resource to conduct training at scale across the system.

Verbatim feedback:

“I think this training needs to be continued to everyone within the health and social care sector to ensure a person centred approach, the long term benefits are far reaching and sustainable. I have found the training really important for my own management of work and dealing with personal events in life as well as teaching me important skills to use when working with customers/service users. The training is really versatile and can be applied in many situations”

“This technique and training was the opposite of most health care management courses and really took the pressure off the clinician to have all the answers. I can see this not only empowering the individual to solve their problems but reducing the stress level of the clinician trying to help”

“This training was very valuable to me, empowering and reassuring.  It really feels like this is how modern day healthcare should be done, and I know that I will use what I have learnt during the rest of my career. The programme has given new vigour to my work with clients on my caseload and generated good results.”

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