Coaching for Workplace Wellbeing

A proactive and personalised approach to support wellbeing and resilience

Our workplace wellbeing coaching solutions are designed to provide individualised and proactive coaching to maximise wellbeing and enhance resilience. We work with organisations who care about their people and understand how important it is to intervene early and address challenges proactively.

Through our experience of conducting a variety of workplace wellbeing and resilience coaching programmes, we've found that coaching consistently:

  • increases resilience
  • increases wellbeing
  • enhances engagement
  • improves work-life balance
  • brings to the surface themes for the organisation to address

Features of our approach

Wellbeing and resilience coaching for employees


Video calls arranged at time of booking

Wellbeing and resilience coaching Workforce wellbeing


Offered at times that are suitable for staff

Wellbeing and resilience coaching flexible times


Booking available up to 24 hours before the session

Support your workforce, Work wellbeing


Delivered by qualified health and wellbeing practitioners with clinical experience

Workplace Wellbeing, Supporting your workforce

Evidence based

Uses our evidence based, tried and tested proprietary wellbeing and resilience techniques and approaches

Workplace Wellbeing TPC health


Can be designed to address a specific, identified need in the organisation or run as an ad hoc facility for individuals

How does it work?

We'll start by consulting with you to understand whether you want to provide a service to individuals, addressing individual needs, or whether there is a systemic challenge that you want to address through coaching. If there are any particular areas that you want us to deep-dive on, we can work with you to co-create a solution e.g. using specific surveys to better understand the needs.

Having scoped your organisational needs and designed the structure of the service, we will make the booking system available - either through your own intranet or through a dedicated area on our website. Your people will be able to book their coaching sessions with an experienced coach, specialising in health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Our coaches will work with your people to explore their challenges and guide them towards their goals, using evidence-based techniques coupled with their expertise in health, wellbeing and resilience. Each person receiving coaching will be supported to develop action plans and become self-managing after coaching has completed.

We'll keep track of who has had what coaching so that we can both reconcile for accounting purposes and also provide you with statistics as necessary.

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