We believe the application of coaching to health and social care can revolutionise services. We are passionate about the use of health coaching to advance the integration of health and social care in communities, and change the dynamic between people using services and service providers to provide person-centred, coordinated care designed to fit around the person's health and social care needs.

A TPC Health Coaching intervention will give you:

  • The most experienced provider of Health Coaching training in the NHS across the country in a variety of settings with a wide range of clinicians
  • An unrivalled understanding of how to develop the workforce to use health coaching and become self-sustaining
  • Access to the thought leaders who were involved in the development of health coaching since its inception in the UK health and care sector
  • A delivery team who all have a deep understanding of the complexity of clinical settings and the changing landscape of the NHS, and who provide addition insight through having a clinical background
  • A deep understanding of the psychological and practical challenges associated with working with clinicians, to enhance person centred care and enable behavioural change
  • A broad experience of delivering leadership coaching interventions and cultural change programmes in the private, public and charity sectors

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